ALBAYAN educational foundation started by ALBAYAN, which was established on 1993.
As a natural result for its success and meeting the needs of parents, we developed ourselves and established Baraem ALBAYAN on 2004.
Manaret ALBAYAN was established on 2007.
Because our aim is to upgrade the educational process and our beloved country Egypt, we enlarged our foundation by establishing Manaret ALBAYAN Secondary school and Nour ALBAYAN on 2009 to meet all the parents’ needs, diversity and goals and also to deliver our vision to the largest possible number of learners.
Now we are building Amonhotoub international school on Cairo – Ismailia Road and the high instituation of Engineering and technology at El.Obour city.
Our Mission
Since learners are the nation’s real treasure, ALBAYAN educational foundation believes that its mission is to direct their abilities and aptitudes to the right channel .ALBAYAN seeks to provide a high quality education for every student by utilizing modern methodologies and technology in all subject areas. It is one happy community doing its best for its children.
Our Vision
Our vision in ALBAYAN educational foundation is to prepare generations of citizens capable of contributing to the country's progress and of preserving its cultural heritage and moral values.
We strive to become a place where students are willing and able to make a positive difference in today’s challenging global environment. Our goal is to prepare each student to become an outstanding member of the worldwide community who is also proud to be an Egyptian.